Natural Tea Tree Toothpaste

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Fresh teeth in a fair, healthy and natural way
This toothpaste cleans with Intense and refreshing taste.

Effective with the power of nature, and it contains a strong combination.

The lime used was created millions of years ago and is collected from the seabed and then pulverized.

This is also the reason that this toothpaste has the natural light gray color of natural lime.

Furthermore, this toothpaste contains a lot of Eucalytus, as this helps to protect your gums and provides them with extra care.
And as an extra bonus, some myrrh has also been added, known for its disinfecting effect.

75 ml

Natural lime, water, glycerine**, aloe vera*, polysaccharides, eucalytpus oil*, myrrh*, magnolia bark extract*.
* = organic.
** = made from organic ingredients

Certified Organic 100% Natural Origin


Urtekram is a true pioneer in organic and sustainable care products. The company was founded in 1972 in Copenhagen. The core of Urtekram is using natural, simple and pure herbs. These are always organically grown. The best of the earth for your health.

VeganEco Cert Cosmos OrganicCruelty Free

✔️ SLS-free
✔️ vegan
✔️ cruelty free
✔️ dentist approved