About Takoda

"We just want and strive to do the right thing right away, from the social field, employees, production, fairness, natural materials, taking into account each other and the environment, immediately including all factors in everything you do, take as a guideline, next to which we set the bar and make our choices responsible, it should be fun, exciting but also really improve lives, ethical, you should always be able to look at yourself in the mirror, we want to offer you that in everything we do , just enthusiastic, enjoyable, constructive, all pluses and a win-win, as a means that brings out the best in others, everything we do has this same vision."

What makes you happy, celebrate life, quality, natural, handmade, sustainable, responsible, eco, items with a story, what just feels good, genuine, no mess, to delight you, improve your life, make something of it, get the most out of it. That is possible with Takoda, enjoy, live.

Articles with a story, made with love and passion for the environment and the well-being of humans and animals, sustainable for the long term

Takoda has its own green neat menswear outfit & jewelry line.

The collection we have now is so sustainable as possible, but there is always room for improvement, always room for growth, but our aim is to achieve it.

We are now doing research into recycled clothing and hemp, which turns out to be more sustainable than cotton, immediately a nod to Holland.

For a sustainable business chain must be thought through every link, think of the logistics, packaging, production, materials and how people are treated.

So started with a sustainable menswear line; takoda.shop is now transformed and catapulted to a green marketplace where you can now also sell by opening your own store on our sustainable platform.

This means that you can sell anything if sustainable, we start with clothing and expand from there to all interesting categories.

Everything for a better world, more inclusivity, everyone who is further away of the labor market is welcome, where ethical, social and circular corporate responsibility are important pillars.
Green, happiness and health as a foundation to grow further, the core, the basis.
The platform as a means for a more beautiful planet, where you can be sure of a responsible choice to do your part for a cleaner earth and the future of our children.
Towards a carbon dioxide free universe! - :-)

Takoda Tiger Hoogvliet


Takoda ® is an official registered trademark in the Benelux, located in Rotterdam.

Takoda means everyone's friend, comes from the native Indians, the company was founded in 2013 by Alain Stout, has undergone multiple transformations.

Basically we just want to contribute to a better world where we can.

Alain Stout cube Rotterdam Entrepreneur

Alain already lives as green and vegan as possible in his private life and that ultimately translates into his business choices and activities.

It is just great to create and especially natural if people really benefit from it and can participate.

It remains difficult and Alain has multiple interests and passions such as urbanism and even the hospitality industry.

But you have to make a purposeful choice to really make a difference.


That has become menswear just because it's fun and then dive deep into how we can make a positive difference with it.

Giving the textile a second life what would otherwise be labeled as waste, making you circular and recycling. Having your own production company would be nice.

It's a tough branch and somehow the more people say you're not going to make it, the more motivated I am to make it work.

Yet clothing is a primary need.


We use the rest of the skills for that one purpose, does not mean that you do not have to pilot them completely, you take everything with you.

Fair trade, a win-win is always desirable.