Won't you agreed?

Reminding yourself of positive thoughts, no matter what happens, keep reminding and repeating them, you're what you belief by that, not your current circumstances or other people's wrong opinions of you or whatever.

You are beauty, lucky, peaceful, happy and a wonderful creature, the best there could possibly ever exist.

Shine your light to the world, become the best version of you, you can become.
Never give up.

Doing the right thing, letting others doing the same.

You decide where to hang with, to surround yourself with.
All is in your hands and responsibility. 

You cannot change other people who are not willing to, that's a waste of time, and not your job.

Your task is to do the right thing yourself, no matter what you face in life, the hardhip, the unexplainable behavior of others and people who are not smart, not having the capacity, to really be a good person, so they're annoying as long as they are not seeing this themselves.

It's not about what you say, but what you think, because so you act, so the deeds speaks.

That's why never believe someone's word for truth, but listen to the actions made.

So doing the right thing yourself and selecting, choosing and attracting everyone right for you.
That simple.

To create and live the life you want with.

That's your purpose, goal and mission.
What's for you important to do.

You know what you really want and why, who you really are and are capable of.

No matter what you face during life, keep that in mind.

Separate the circumstances from your true self.

Also other people's behavior is not who they are really, keep the person and behavior separated. 

So know who you are.

Then accept and understand everything happening.

For example my neighbors above me walk loudly and smash the door.
Yes it is what it is, and you can feel like are you stupid, I don't do either.
But you're still kind, because the behavior is separated from the person.
As humans you love everyone equally, you don't judge.
Of course you can feel sometimes what you feel by what happens every day again, it's just motivation and to be aware of what's right or wrong behavior at least for you.
So it's why you be like I want a house where I will never be disturbed by neighbors anymore for example fully soundproof, and a house free standing with a lot of land.

That's your responsibility to arrange and should focus on, or use all your energy for.

For what's really important, what you want and why.
It's not on my to judge who's wrong or good.
Of course you feel a way sometimes and expressing this.
But rapidly understand the situation keeping everything professionally apart.

Requires guts and courage, because you've to remind yourself how beautiful you are for not to get crazy by others.

Never allow nobody, to steal your peace, to ruin your mood, life or do, be fully in control of that.

That's why only you can make that sure.
I can be philosophizing what I want, but some things you can always only decide and know yourself, it's indescribable. Can only learn from within. Do just that.

Follow your heart, you got nothing to do with others, screw them all, mind your own business, doing what's right with all the right ones.

That's your life, that's how you experience everything where you go through. 

Keeping this vision in front of your eyes.

I do just this, no matter what it seems to be, it's only this capacity inside of me. Always. It brings peace.

When someone is wrong for you, doesn't say they're wrong, can be right for someone else, or learn themselves eventually too as well.

I had to learn everything too as well, and will be doing that forever.

But your business is doing the right thing, even when you make all the mistakes who are part of the growth and development. 

Then you overcome to become.

Aim high.

This is your dream.

Who you are.

Where you live by each day.

We love you. <3 

Leave everyone else alone, turn off everything that doesn't help you, only do what brings you further in life.

Only bout the ones who do too, and who are right for you too as well.

Only thing you have to focus on.

Can be kind for everyone still.

But know who you are, why and where you focus on.

For me I feel like when I set myself up for a task, I just cannot and never will quit until I succeeded, no matter how frustrated, it caught me, put my teeth in it and never stop until I made it.
It's how I approach everything in life.

It has 2 sides.

I have to be just as happy when something do or do not succeeds.

Never allowing it to get me frustrated. 

Still disconnect being in balance happy with everything and everyone I already have and achieved.

Living in the here and now, appreciating, self aware.

Relaxing, charging the battery.

And finishing this long term goal.
Step by step.
I can be totally concentrating it got me almost like being autistic. That I use for the better.

I'm completely soaked up by my mission and purpose.
Everyone who doesn't feel good for you, obviously almost always are no good for you, for a reason, you can feel it, like a radar.

When I look around, sometimes feeling alone, no one to talk with, on the same page and level, who understands this, even when you believe it for everyone, considering aiming as high as possible as normal, something like everyone is doing, to find out many doesn't.

Why actually not?
For a better planet, you got to take responsibility to do the best you can from within.
On each level, in each cell and fiber.
Than this is where you change into, who you'll become, help and inspire the world with.

It makes me throw up, when people doesn't.
Feels such a waste for this planet, I'm sorry, it's just a feeling.

Am I right or wrong here?
So I've to separate myself from them.
Use all I got for what is worthwhile, useful and workable.

Everything else isn't my responsibility or fault.
When people hate, they hate themselves.
Even people doesn't keep a promise, doesn't support you, act strange, they only hurt themselves, have themselves with it.
Such people who complain, are themselves the problem, and act like others are. Like the world owe them something.

Yes it's sometimes exhausting having to share a world with these difficult individuals who are blind to see this, so can't be helped.

For me that's sometimes understandable. 

Meanwhile got to focus on what's right with all the right ones only, that's my job.
Enjoying loving life with them, everyone else isn't my problem.

Because excuses are not allowed, everyone right or wrong is doing it to themselves.

So only the ones, who feel positive, taking the responsibility and choice to do the right thing only are where it is all about at least for you.

Discard anything else.
They'll all learn the lesson get who they are if they see it or not, it will still be happening.
Keep doing ugly, with end ugly, start acting beautiful will provide you everything beautiful. 

That's who I am, was and will be even more forever, that's all I know.
Focusing only on everyone wonderful, that's our life.

We do pick the benefits, fruits of life, getting the best out of life, Learn the most, getting everything out of life, right or wrong, all lessons, all levels, we do truly really live like it is supposed to be, that's all that counts at least for us, meanwhile being aware of everyone else around.

Using everything for us, to work and fight for us.

No matter what others thinks, we know, we learn, we do got this.
Feel sorry for you when you ain't but remember it's only you to blame.

Been through it all, if I can do it, everyone can.
I did without the right example like myself, so with me giving nobody reason to act wrong.
Especially when you mature, no excuses. 
If you don't, goodbye, you'll suffer, not my fault, feel sorry for you, will never allow that to happen with me or loved ones.

If you do, welcome, I love you, let's celebrate, get the most wonderful stuff out of life together, thank you. We are there, we experience, we do got this.

I do feel sorry for you all when you don't, and go on with doing it ourselves. I feel grateful for all who do, enjoying life fully forever.

Not doing will always have consequences who are not pretty.

Yes doing will give you all the benefits of life, all the accomplished dreams and prosperity in abundance in each field of your life thinkable or possible. 

So no matter what you do, we're there forever been and will be better.

We want the offspring to do better.
All under my wings I raise well this way.
Like I do better than my predecessors. 
Not better as human but in reach, further.
Can keep going forever. If I do or not, I'm still the same most wonderful beautiful creature always deserving the most best possible.

No matter what others do, always keep hope for all humanity unity, but not stupid or naive, dealing with reality as it is forwards, as we supposed to. No matter what others do, we do and will be doing forever better.

Thank you very much.

That's also why life or success isn't based on recognition or affirmation from other people but only on self love, believe and insights.

All independent from one or another.

Completely free.
Everyone not doing this can't stand me because of hating themselves, everyone who is great, can absolutely resonate with this.
So where you at?
Only says something about you, nothing bout me.
All are warned to as well, so not doing is not my problem.

You've done this to yourself, completely self inflicting. 

I'm just so done with all the losers and crap, who never learn, so exhausting. Really motivated by it for what I never want, and all the good happening for what I do want. Rightly so.

Predicted this year's ago also.
Always been great deserved best possible, I know and will never allow you to hurt me.
Go away from me.

The negativity just has to stop, doesn't help nobody.
Only speak truth.
Don't want like when I'm dead, they say, he was right.
It doesn't pay the bills, I really want to live and reach it when alive, horizontal and vertical, constructively. 

Each moment a day, the longest, most and strongest.
Always really living it right now, is all that matters.
We got that.