Will it ever be?

You struggle in your search for living your dreams. You believe and see it in your heart but somehow have to deal with all such difficult and hard to understand situations and circumstances. Despite this rain, you keep having the sun in your heart. Putting up a smile. Even when you are never allowed to complain in this world, especially if you look, that there are people way worst off.


You see and feel it clearly in your heart, why you are on this earth, what you really want, and not only for yourself but you want and believe this for everyone around.

You fight and struggle each day, finding balance, enjoying the moment, living in the here and now, you do the whole nine yard, working from the book. You feel it deep down in your gut, you are rightly, the way you feel and experience things. When things seem to be different than you dream, it is sometimes hard to get it in the moment. It is often easier said than done: “trust the process”.

But I do truly believe, no matter your circumstances, no matter how long it seem to takes, even decades or never. Keep evolving, working on yourself and craft, keep on moving forward by baby steps and have such a true faith in your purpose, that you are really unshakeable by “setbacks”. What are maybe not even really setbacks but lessons.

“Stick to the plan, keep on believing in yourself and never ever give up.”


Only this believe keep you on your feet, because the non-believers can almost be sure, they will never make it. Keep on reminding yourself, what your worth is. Know what you deserve in this world and never settle for less than you signed up for. Keep on dreaming, imagining your vision and by strong faith as foundation for your practical goals. No matter how difficult it is, keep on believing, keep on repeating who you are, can be and been born for.

Yes, it can sounds all a little bit floaty, but it is a start. What it does, it pushes you forward towards your goals. You can catch it with a practical plan and steps. But if you don’t believe, you will not even start making a plan at all. Stay true to yourself, you will make it.


Yes, it requires guts to be strong and to hold on. Keep on giving the right example, no matter how hard someone bullies you, if they are aware or unaware of doing this.

I am with you, on this fight. Even when it is nowhere easy, I will always also go on. Fighting and believing in the dream. So if you do too, wherever you are, we are on this together. You never walk alone. It helps to have the right motives of why you do things. Like: for a better planet earth, to help others, for a better life, for peace, for the best possible for everyone etc.


Patience is a virtue? Yes if you will make it eventually. While you wait, keep on working on yourself, your craft whatever. Keep on working on it. Think deep and long on why you are here, what your purpose is and what you are ought to do. Than you will do exactly that subconsciously. Because if you look to everything you was already experiencing, having and living, there is so much to be grateful for already. So yes look at the bright and positive side of life. Being grateful for everything you are already allowed to do, to be and to go. That’s such a blessing. That is who you are, that is life. Because all you have, is right now. The future is still in the future and the past in the past. And even when you are in the future, all you have right then, is right now. So embrace the now, take every minute serious. Always love yourself, keep having a positive mind state and self-talk. You will manifest what you think, so speak and do.
So enjoy life while you wait, for whatever it is you are waiting for.


Even when you are right, feeling you are, you don’t have to be right. Don’t depend on other opinions. You know what is true, where you are about, what is right and wrong. Keep doing the right thing yourself. I mean there are people who survived the holocaust, so you have never right to complain. If they could survive that and still succeed in life. Everyone can. Just stay positive. Try not to judge others. All this is a constant test, also for me. It’s not like it’s done, nothing to do it anymore. It is a constant struggle, to remain strong through whatever it is you are going through. What really helps is going outside, and then especially in some nature. You will see, that you will feel better after 1 or 2 hours, in a different vibration than before you went outside. Keep repeating and doing all these small steps that are healthy for you, and then you will also survive everything with your head high. That you always do the right thing, even when you don’t. Because then you learn, to getting stronger.

If you know how your ideal life should look like, but there are many things now what doesn’t meet that. Keep this believe and dream in your heart. Live it already in your heart. No matter who tries to bully you, stop you or annoy you in any way. You will never allow them too, because you know, you don’t allow it. Use all your focus strength for everything and everyone positive in this world.

You believe this for everyone, a more peaceful world, all green. A better planet. Wherever whenever. You just have to find a way for yourself that is healthy and constructive to reach this. Create a life where you can use all you have for everything only useful. Life is too short to waste on anything worthless. As long as you keep them all lined up, fighting for yourself and for everything that is rightly, no one can shake you. No matter what it looks like.