1. Will it ever Happen?

    Will it ever be?

    You struggle in your search for living your dreams. You believe and see it in your heart but somehow have to deal with all such difficult and hard to understand situations and circumstances. Despite this rain, you keep having the sun in your heart. Putting up a smile. Even when you are never allowed to complain in this world, especially if you look, that there are people way worst off.


    You see and feel it clearly in your heart, why you are on this earth, what you really want, and not only for yourself but you want and believe this for everyone around.

    You fight and struggle each day, finding balance, enjoying the moment, living in the here and now, you do the whole nine yard, working from the book. You feel it deep down in your gut, you are rightly, the way you feel and experience things. When things seem to be different than you dream, it is sometimes hard to get it in the moment. It is often easier said than done:

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  2. Life's a Challenge

    Won't you agreed?

    Reminding yourself of positive thoughts, no matter what happens, keep reminding and repeating them, you're what you belief by that, not your current circumstances or other people's wrong opinions of you or whatever.

    You are beauty, lucky, peaceful, happy and a wonderful creature, the best there could possibly ever exist.

    Shine your light to the world, become the best version of you, you can become.
    Never give up.

    Doing the right thing, letting others doing the same.

    You decide where to hang with, to surround yourself with.
    All is in your hands and responsibility. 

    You cannot change other people who are not willing to, that's a waste of time, and not your job.

    Your task is to do the right thing yourself, no matter what you face in life, the hardhip, the unexplainable behavior of others and people who are not smart, not having the capacity, to really be a good person, so they're annoying as long as they are not

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