1. What is Happiness?!

    Also think happy moments are unexpected, and something you can't plan or enforce.
    But they can be in the little stuff from having your cats, own family and loved ones around, to a coffee once a week, to just sitting on a bench in a park, to more long term goals, like, achieving something you been working on for decades, to stuff like winning a medallion with a marathon.
    When you travel you've happy sometimes unexpected moments during the day or travel.
    It's a constant push of positive energy forward, where you can feel content constant.
    But truly happy moments also happens like I said unexpected so when you do things out of the blue, box or impulsive almost.
    Even when they aren't so impulsive as they seem, because everything you do, you did thought about it before.

    Of course first of all, you got to recognize these happy moments. Label them as happiness when you are grateful for who you are
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  2. Life's a Challenge

    Won't you agreed?

    Reminding yourself of positive thoughts, no matter what happens, keep reminding and repeating them, you're what you belief by that, not your current circumstances or other people's wrong opinions of you or whatever.

    You are beauty, lucky, peaceful, happy and a wonderful creature, the best there could possibly ever exist.

    Shine your light to the world, become the best version of you, you can become.
    Never give up.

    Doing the right thing, letting others doing the same.

    You decide where to hang with, to surround yourself with.
    All is in your hands and responsibility. 

    You cannot change other people who are not willing to, that's a waste of time, and not your job.

    Your task is to do the right thing yourself, no matter what you face in life, the hardhip, the unexplainable behavior of others and people who are not smart, not having the capacity, to really be a good person, so they're annoying as long as they are not

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