1. Doing good through Takoda

    Using Takoda as platform to do good for the world, by only providing sustainable and responsible options and choices.

    So we can feel good about what we do, especially when there are no excuses allowed anymore in the modern world, we all got the information about what is good and what isn’t.

    So only the ones who take the responsibility are important, is where it is all about.

    We are genuinely this way ourselves, is where it all starts, zero waste, recycling, vegan, living sustainable, keeping the carbon dioxide footprint as low as possible, so it is a logic choice that this lives through our business activities like right now on

    We just do care and want to make the planet a better place than we found it.

    We know it all sounds maybe cliché and cheap, but it isn’t because we are real about it, strive to really live it in everything we do already, of c

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  2. Important for a Better Planet together

    Change the world, do good, know why, everything you do can have consequences,  focus on the rightly 
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  3. Healthy plant-based diet

    To live a long and healthy life start to dig in deeper about the biology of the human to find out more what really does the best for the human nutritional food based, do your research. Take your responsibility as human for humanity, society and the future of our planet.
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