1. Can we still be Human?

     I mean these days it looks like you're not allowed to be human anymore and making mistakes, that you need to be perfect.


    I mean there's a quote:

    "Why do you look at the splinter in your brother's eye but don't notice the beam of wood in your own eye?" Matthew 7:3


    It is about making mistakes, failing and learning from them.

    Standing up thereafter, what makes the whole difference. 

    Happy to make the most mistakes, so I learn a lot.


    5 years or longer I started to live more healthy, more vegetarian, now since 1 plus years fully vegan. Always sporting, doing the routines everyday to keep your mind sharp.

    Meditation, breathing exercises, walking, writing, reading and so forth.


    Only don't expect applause or respect, rather you're more a threat for who doesn't.

    So that is the

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  2. What is Happiness?!

    Also think happy moments are unexpected, and something you can't plan or enforce.
    But they can be in the little stuff from having your cats, own family and loved ones around, to a coffee once a week, to just sitting on a bench in a park, to more long term goals, like, achieving something you been working on for decades, to stuff like winning a medallion with a marathon.
    When you travel you've happy sometimes unexpected moments during the day or travel.
    It's a constant push of positive energy forward, where you can feel content constant.
    But truly happy moments also happens like I said unexpected so when you do things out of the blue, box or impulsive almost.
    Even when they aren't so impulsive as they seem, because everything you do, you did thought about it before.

    Of course first of all, you got to recognize these happy moments. Label them as happiness when you are grateful for who you are
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  3. Will it ever Happen?

    Will it ever be?

    You struggle in your search for living your dreams. You believe and see it in your heart but somehow have to deal with all such difficult and hard to understand situations and circumstances. Despite this rain, you keep having the sun in your heart. Putting up a smile. Even when you are never allowed to complain in this world, especially if you look, that there are people way worst off.


    You see and feel it clearly in your heart, why you are on this earth, what you really want, and not only for yourself but you want and believe this for everyone around.

    You fight and struggle each day, finding balance, enjoying the moment, living in the here and now, you do the whole nine yard, working from the book. You feel it deep down in your gut, you are rightly, the way you feel and experience things. When things seem to be different than you dream, it is sometimes hard to get it in the moment. It is often easier said than done:

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