Curve Cucumber Fruit and Vegetable Play Set

Curve Cucumber Fruit and Vegetable Play Set

Built-in induction hob 60 cm Inventum

Built-in induction hob 60 cm Inventum

Bag leather A4 cowhide brown

Bag leather A4 cowhide brown

Curve Cucumber Fruit and Vegetable Play Set


We offer very special toys that are durable and therefore naturally made with passion. really nice!
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Curved Fruit and Vegetable Playset

Making as many kids as possible fans of bent, that's our dream. And the Krommies are happy to help us realize this dream!

Because the crooked heroes Mister Tweebeenpeen, Karel Appel, Pieter Peer, Krommie de Kromkommer and Thea Tomatenhart have been transformed into real toy copies .
With this wooden play set, the littlest ones get acquainted with curved fruit and vegetables.
Play, cut and stick together again and again….These curves never get boring!

Kromkommer co-founder Chantal saw her nephew and nieces playing in their kitchen with fruit and vegetables made of wood. 'Perfect' straight, as you see it in the store.
She thought, why don't we make a curved version of this toy? And tadaaa! The idea for the curve fruit and vegetable playset was born.

We can't make toys ourselves.
But our partner in crime PlanToys, he is a (sustainable) boulder in this! They make toys from Thai rubber trees that no longer produce rubber.
These would otherwise be burned, which causes a lot of CO2 emissions and waste of wood.

What else makes the toy so unique? At a glance:


The sawdust that remains after the production of the sustainable PlanToys toys is also called  PlanWood . This sawdust is used again to make the crooked fruit and vegetable play set. Double no waste!



The toys are colored with pigments from vegetables, fruit and herbs. < /span>And the crooked heroes are put together with natural glue. Safe for kids and the environment!


Teaching kids about crooked

Make kids a fan of crooked. That's our goal! With this toy we want to introduce children to curved fruits and vegetables in a playful way and in this way change their perception of quality.
Because:  Learned young is done old.

What's in the box?

The crooked heroes in the box have a wooden knife with which you can 'cut' and 'peel' the fruit and vegetables. Almost real! We have also made a beautiful booklet in which the life story of Mr. Tweebeenpeen is told. This way you can explain to your kids, nephew, niece or students why crooked fruit and vegetables are now sometimes wasted and why this is really not necessary.

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