Yoga bag made of recycled tea bags

Yoga bag made of recycled tea bags sustainable

Office bag made from recycled tea bags

Office bag made from recycled tea bags sustainable

Hand soap - Wonderful! - Rodaan Al Galidi

Hand soap Wonderful! - Rodaan Al Galidi

Yoga bag made of recycled tea bags sustainable

Please note: not all bags are made from the same tea bags, so the print may differ from the image shown.
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Tamil Nadu Yoga Bag

Ragbags are upcycled, honest, fashionable bags and accessories made in different places in India. They are made from recycled plastic bags, large tea bags and/or recycled cotton.
This is collected, cleaned and manufactured into new products by 'rag pickers' in the suburbs of Delhi and Calcutta and in a village in Tamil Nadu.

Size of this yoga bag is: 72cm long and 18cm diameter with long zipper and a pocket inside and outside.
For yoga mats of maximum: size 66cm wide and a diameter of 16cm 16

Ragbags are made from leftover material, using the concept of 'upcycling': waste is re-manufactured into new products with a higher value.

Ragbag is a brand that follows the ten principles of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). Our production partners are members of the Fair Trade Forum India (FTF-India). We pay a fair price for the ragpickers and employees, enabling them and their families to live with better living conditions.

Tamil Nadu is a province in southern India. On a rooftop company, products are made from recycled large tea bags. They use traditional handlooms to reuse leftover textiles from the fashion industry and create new fabric. Packaging material, which is collected from tea companies in South India. More than twenty people work for the company and earn a fair income.

In the south of India and a small village, bags and accessories are made for Ragbag. "Ragpickers" collect large tea bags at various tea factories, restaurants and hotels. The tea bags are made of strong and water resistant material. Each tea bag has its own print, which depends on the tea company or tea plantation where the bag comes from. Ragbag's partner in Tamil Nadu makes trendy bags and other products from the bags.

Watch the video below to see how the company works:

No dyes or inks are added during the production process.

Brand: Ragbag
Country of origin: New Delhi, India
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