Crate for 15 bottles Scrap wood Eco Collection Fairtrade

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Home Decoration

We offer very special and fun home decorations that are fair trade and sustainably made, often by hand, so the makers earn a fair wage and you a beautiful timeless product!< /em>

Nice crate of recycled scrap wood for 15 bottles

This crate is made of scrap wood. In other words: recycled and therefore wonderfully sustainable.

(There are therefore no extra trees cut down.)

Because used wood is recycled each crate is unique. The color may also vary as a result.

The crates are fairtrade made by craftsmen in a small workshop in Jodhpur, northern India. Chapeaux!


Type: Durable & fair trade
Made in: India
Color: Brown
Material: Reclaimed wood< br>Dimensions: 60x36x30 cm
Shape: Rectangular

About ECO Collection

This sustainable product is fair trade handmade by artisans in a small workshop in Jodhpur, northern India.<br>They recycle many materials, for example, from wood to metal or paper.

They process it beautifully and turn it into a product like this one.

The makers work under healthy conditions with a fair wage. That makes this completely sustainable.

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