Bamboo soap dish round

Bamboo bath mat - anti slip

Bamboo soap dish round

Bamboo soap dish round

Bamboo soap dish round

Bamboo soap holder square

Bamboo bath mat - anti slip

A natural touch for your bathroom
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This sustainable bamboo bath mat provides a comfortable atmosphere and ambiance in every bathroom.

Shower mats come in all shapes and sizes, and they almost all have one thing in common; they often dry with difficulty and spread the dreaded wet towel odor. In addition, many bath mats are made of synthetic non-biodegradable material, which makes them not very durable.

Croll & Denecke makes sustainable and environmentally friendly bathroom products from natural raw materials.

Bamboo bath mats have many advantages. Bamboo is known for its strength and durability, which means your mat will not need to be replaced often. Bamboo has a naturally anti-bacterial effect, it does not absorb water, so it will not promote the growth of mold as a traditional textile mat would.

Dirt-resistant and antibacterial.
Equipped with anti-slip coating and grip pads so that you can not slip.
Easy to clean

Dimensions: 50cm x 80cm x 7mm


Bamboo is a type of grass that grows super fast compared to trees.

After cutting down the bamboo, the plant grows back in 90 days to a tree of 30 meters high.

In addition, the plant produces an anti-bacterial substance itself, so that no pesticides are needed.

When the bamboo is harvested, the roots remain. This ensures that the land is protected against erosion.

For the rest, almost everything from the plant can be used, so it produces little waste.

And everything made from bamboo is of course biodegradable.

A perfect alternative to cutting down trees from primary forests and rainforests.

Croll & Denecke has been around since 1897.
Now Peter and Nina Hankiewicz are the specialists of this family business. The core is using renewable resources, once started with sponges from the sea. They grow like weeds and are so simple and natural that it has a calming effect on people and mind. This is much healthier than the products made today from plastic and sometimes toxic substances. They now have much more in their range than just sponges. Unique are the brushes made of extremely strong and beautiful olive wood.
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