Built-in induction hob 60 cm Inventum

Built-in induction hob 60 cm Inventum

Freestanding induction hob 60 cm Silver edge Inventum

Freestanding induction hob 60 cm Silver edge Inventum

Built-in induction hob 60 cm Inventum

Induction Cooker
< br> What could be more durable than an induction hob for cooking? Quite little and that is why this induction hob is a suitable option for your sustainable lifestyle
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Durable Electric Freestanding Hob!

This built-in induction hob helps you to get rid of the gas. Borderless design.
It is equipped with 4 cooking zones and 9 settings per zone. With timer function, simple touch button operation and more.

The Inventum built-in induction hob has four cooking zones, each with nine different settings.
It is a 1-phase hob: plug in and start cooking!

The hob contains smart technology that ensures that the hob automatically distributes its power so that it can be connected to a normal socket.
Each cooking zone has a boost function for extra fast heating. Handy if you want to quickly boil water.

The hob is easy to operate with touch buttons.
Each cooking zone also has an adjustable timer.

The hob has a rimless finish.
Because safety is paramount, the hob is equipped with a key lock and residual heat indicator.

And not unimportant: after cooking, you can simply clean the hob with a damp cloth.

In addition, there is a 5-year Inventum warranty: For this you need to register your hob, you do that here.

After you register the product, you first have 2 years full manufacturer's warranty and then you receive an additional 3 years warranty.

Here, a defective product or part is always exchanged for a new one. In the 3rd to 5th year you only pay the exchange costs.
  • 60 cm, borderless design
  • 1-phase plug & play
  • 4 cooking zones, 9 settings per zone
  • Boost function on all zones: yes
  • Easy touch control: central
  • Digital LED display: yes
  • Timer with kitchen timer function: separately per zone
  • Key lock: yes
  • Residual heat indication: yes
  • Cooking time limitation: yes
  • High-speed ceramic glass: yes
  • Finish: borderless
  • Automatic pan recognition: yes

About Inventum

Inventum is a total provider of household appliances, with a wide range of products in the categories small household, free-standing white goods, built-in white goods and personal care.

Inventum is not only a household name in the Netherlands. Many Inventum products have been used satisfactorily since the early years, even in the farthest corners of the world.

In industry, aviation, shipping and households, Inventum was and is present everywhere.

An innovative past is a good basis for a sustainable future for people, the environment and business.

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