Coffee Beans Espresso 1000 grams

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Discover our Espresso: a powerful espresso that has a refined taste due to the slow roasting. With the freshness of red fruits that turns into the taste of vanilla and dark chocolate.
Discover the taste of our Espresso Beans
The beans of this coffee are picked by hand in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Uganda. In the Netherlands, this blend of arabica and robusta beans is then roasted and packaged.

Fairtrade original where taste begins

Coffee with a future
If we take a look at the world of coffee, it is clear that something has to change. Coffee farmers still earn far too little from their coffee. In 1973 we took an important step by bringing the first Fairtrade coffee to the Netherlands. And now we're going one step further: for the coffee farmer and for the preservation of your cup of coffee. With this coffee we are taking the step to close the gap between the living income and the world coffee price! This additional cost is paid directly to the cooperatives to enable the coffee farmers and their families to earn a living income. So that their families not only have a roof over their heads and have access to basic necessities such as sufficient food and water, health care and education, but can also invest in new (sustainable) agricultural resources and their pension.
And with this pack of coffee you contribute to that. With this new standard we hope to inspire other brands as well, so that together we can further start the coffee revolution! Will you, together with us, narrow the gap to a living income for the farmer? Let's give it a shot!

Close cooperation
We work closely with Fairtrade coffee cooperatives where we make direct price agreements. This way of working together ensures that our coffee chains are transparent, the coffee beans are traceable, the coffee farmers and their families earn a living income and your cup of coffee has an original taste profile. In addition to a living income, themes such as climate change and aging also have a major impact on the future of your coffee.

coffee beans
Fairtrade certified and from Fairtrade farmers. Total 100%.

Roasted in the Netherlands with beans from Central and South America, Africa and Asia

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  • Content: 1000 grams
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BrandFairtrade Original