Coffee Espresso Extra Dark Roast Coffee Beans Organic 500 grams

FO 354216
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Hand picked. Extra deep and dark roasted. Powerful, intense espresso.
The arabica and robusta beans for this blend are grown by proud farmers from around the world. The farmers plant the arabica high in the mountains in shady places. Robusta grows lower and is protected by trees from the bright sun. The berries ripen so slowly and have time to get more flavor. The farmers pick them by hand, choosing only the ripe, red berries. You can taste their knowledge and love in your cup of coffee.

This blend of arabica beans, with some robusta beans for extra spice, is roasted extra deep and dark. For an intense, slightly sweet taste with a hint of liquorice and dark chocolate. Our beans can be used in any espresso machine. Provide fresh, cold water in the reservoir. Immediately after brewing, your espresso will be at its best.

Organic Coffee Beans
Fairtrade certified and from Fairtrade farmers. Total 100%.

Roasted in the Netherlands with beans from Central America

Product specifications:
  • Content: 500 grams
  • Features: organic & fair trade
BrandFairtrade Original