Coffee Gold Quick filter grind 250 grams

FO 354940
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From hand-picked coffee beans. Built in the mountains. Soft, rich taste. Refined aroma.
Cultivated by proud farmers from all over the world such as Antonia López Gadea ('Toñita' for acquaintances) from San Juan del Río Coco in Nicaragua. The farmers plant the arabica high in the mountains in shady places. For example, the berries are protected from the bright sun by trees. As a result, they ripen slowly and have time to get more flavor. The farmers pick them by hand, choosing only the ripe, red berries. You can taste their knowledge and love in your cup of coffee.

This quick-filter gold grind consists of 100% aromatic Arabica beans. They give this coffee a smooth, rich taste and a refined aroma. Your coffee tastes best with one level measuring scoop per cup.

Fairtrade certified and from Fairtrade farmers. Total 100%.

Roasted in the Netherlands with beans from Central and South America, Africa and Asia

Product specifications:
  • Content: 250 grams
  • Features: fair trade
BrandFairtrade Original