Solar LED wall lamp - White

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Compact lamp with four LED lights, solar panel and infrared motion detector. Generate and use sustainable energy with this lamp.
This compact lamp has four bright LED lights.

The solar panel converts sunlight into energy so that your lamp works independently of mains power.

The built-in battery also allows solar energy to be stored.

The lamp switches on automatically when the motion detector detects movement.

About 1 minute after no more movement is detected, the lamp will turn off automatically.


  • With 4 extremely bright LEDs for good orientation light
  • Detection angle approx. 100°
  • Reach range max. 7 m
  • With twilight sensor
  • Compact solar cell lamp with integrated solar cell
  • No cables needed
  • Including 3 NiMH batteries
  • Lighting time with fully charged battery approx. 80 - 90 minutes
  • Luminous flux approx. 30 lumens


LEDs have a much longer life (40,000 - 60,000 hours) than an energy-saving lamp (10,000 hours), a halogen lamp (3,000 hours) or incandesc