Thermos Cup Chalk White 300ml

Thermos Cup Chalk White 300ml

Thermos Cup Happy Yellow 300ml

Thermos Cup Happy Yellow 300ml

Thermos Cup Chalk White 300ml

Thermos cup

Super nice Dutch product with clear ambition, reducing plastic use! Made of durable stainless steel with removable tea filter. BPA-free, easy to clean.
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The perfect thermos cup for your coffee or tea!

This bottle is made of stainless steel which makes it nice and light and easy to carry.

Inside there is a tea filter so that you can also put loose tea in it.

Keep your hot drinks warm for 4 hours longer and your cold drinks cold for 6 hours longer!
  • Stylish 0.3 L thermos mug
  • Made from recycled stainless steel
  • Handy, there is a tea filter in it
  • Keeps your drink hot for up to 4 hours and cold for 6 hours
  • It can just go in the dishwasher
Retulp stainless steel thermos are made to take coffee, tea or smoothies with you and to keep them at the right temperature.

The Tumblers keep coffee and tea warm for up to 4 hours and smoothies even cold for up to 6 hours! These cool thermos cups are available in 14 colors

Our thermos cups are very handy for work or if you are on the road a lot in the car or train.

With our thermos cups you can enjoy tea, coffee or soup. The drink stays nice and warm in the cups. 

A thermos cup is not only nice to have yourself, it is also a super nice gift to give as a present.

In this way you have a sustainable and unique gift that also benefits someone. How nice is that?! 


Retulp donates water with every product sold. In addition, they want to prevent people from making single-use products, such as drinking bottles, in the fight against plastic soup. That is why they make reusable products of good quality, so that you no longer have to throw anything away and the earth remains more beautiful.
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