Bamboo bath brush massage

Bamboo bath brush massage

Bamboo soap hand pump

Bamboo soap hand pump

Bamboo comb

As long as your hair's nice.
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Beautiful comb with handle.

Bamboo is an extremely strong and durable material.


Bamboo is a type of grass that grows super fast compared to trees.

After cutting down the bamboo, the plant grows back in 90 days to a tree of 30 meters high.

In addition, the plant produces an anti-bacterial substance itself, so that no pesticides are needed.

When the bamboo is harvested, the roots remain.

This ensures that the land is protected against erosion.

For the rest, almost everything from the plant can be used, so it produces little waste.

And everything made from bamboo is of course biodegradable.

A perfect alternative to cutting down trees from primary forests and rainforests.
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Brand Croll en Denecke
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