Hand soap Wonderful! - Dorien Dijkhuis

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Safe hand soap made from natural ingredients
Sometimes, very occasionally, it's not about soap. Then soap is the afterthought. That applies to Wonderschoon! soap. Because this Wonderful! is in a wrapper sealed by Dorien Dijkhuis. 

Dorien Dijkhuis prefers to read poetry aloud, she invites you to recite her poem to the image in the bathroom mirror.

The poem lasts 20 seconds, exactly the time it takes for proper hand washing.


Wonderful! we developed it especially for the project #itsnotaboutsoap, in which the soap is a means to give poets a new stage. This means that a piece of soap, a piece of culture, does not die.

In limited edition.

In this blog you can read how Wonderfully Clean! originated.

This mild hand soap does not dry out the skin, no matter how often you wash your hands.

With safflower and avocado oil, scented with lavender, anise, cedar and petitgrain.

Fun fact:
As soon as the soap making process comes to an end, the (still) liquid soap is poured into a gigantic mould. At the bottom of this mold, the first line of the poem is written by means of black soap. Could it be more poetic? Read in this blog how the soap is made.

coconut oil*, olive oil*, sodium hydroxide^, water, cocoa butter*, neem oil*, safflower oil*, avocado oil*, orange essential oil*, lavandin essential oil*, cedar essential oil, castor oil*, star anise essential oil*, elemi resin, petitgrain essential oil* , charcoal, annatto seed extract.

inci (similar to the packaging, international name):
cocos nucifera oil*, olea europaea fruit oil*, sodium hydroxide^, aqua, theobroma cacao butter*, *, melia azadirachta seed oil*, parfum◊, persea gratissima oil*, ricinus communis oil*, bixa orellana seed extract, charcoal powder, linalool°, farnesol°, geraniol°, d-limonene°.

*from certified organic origin, ^turns oil into soap, not present in final product, ◊100% organic essential oils, °natural component of essential oil.

Watch the video:

Wonderschoon! uitpakken from Werfzeep on Vimeo.