Bamboo toothbrush holder - Fire

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Natural look for your bathroom
A mini bamboo holder to store your toothbrush.

It has a 'Fire symbol' printed on it and gives your bathroom a luxurious look.

This toothbrush holder is available in four variants: each holder has a different print.

There is a choice of four symbols that represent the elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Handy for families, so you can keep the toothbrushes well apart.


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. After cutting down the bamboo, the plant grows back to a tree of 30 meters in 90 days. In addition, the plant itself produces an anti-bacterial substance, which means that no pesticides are needed.

When bamboo is harvested, the roots remain. This ensures that the land is protected against erosion. For the rest, almost everything from the plant can be used, so it produces little waste.

And everything made from bamboo is of course biodegradable. A perfect alternative to felling trees from primary forests and rainforests.

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